Heaven Sent! “Postman To Heaven” starring Kim Jaejoong premieres on Cinema One!

It seems that the local televisions are taking a liking to the Red Ocean Family. Just a few weeks ago, GMA’s “Hello Hallyu”, a full length feature on the Hallyu Wave in the Philippines gave much of its airtime to the five men of Dong Bang Shin Ki; after which ABS-CBN imported the South Korean drama, “Scent of a Woman” where Kim Junsu made a special participation and sang the OST for. And now, a Phlippine Cable Channel, Cinema One, decided to air Telecinema 2009’s “Postman To Heaven”, starring Kim Jaejoong.

History was witnessed on the 20th of November, when a Philippine Cable Channel, Cinema One, aired the said movie. It was a week before when some Filipino Cassies saw a plug of the said airing and directed their discovery to Cassiopeia Philippines’ Facebook Page. And of course, everyone went enthusiastic. It was after all, not just a simple happening – it was actually the first time the fans would witness a DBSK member’s acting performance on local televisions. Not to mention, Tagalized (dubbed in Filipino language).

A few hours before the clock hit 8PM that night, every Cassie was already on their places of comfort in front of their television sets, unable to contain their excitement. And even if some didn’t have access to cable channels, once again, dedication found its way – special thanks to Ms. Erika Paulino, who shared not only a streaming link for her fellow Cassies, but also the love, as fans would put it. And with everything set, all that was needed was for the time to come.

As expected, there were a handful of emotions. Some were overly enthusiastic with the dubbers’ voices, some cracked up and made jokes such as, “Nagtatagalog na si Jaejoong!”, some remained classic as to praise the member’s handsome features and of course, cry and laugh with the main characters as the story unfolded. Cassiopeia Philippines’ Facebook Page was also flooded with comments such as, “Floating in heaven while watching…”, “Iba…intense. Iba talaga pag napapanuod mo sa sarili mong TV screen e…” and “Buti nalang may commercials…”. The response was extremely hot, as the hashtag, #PostmanToHeaven went up to the 5th rank on Twitter’s Trending Topics in the Philippines. Surely, Cinema One’s decision to air the movie was “Heaven Sent”.

In behalf of all the happy hearts of Filipino Cassies, we would like to greatly thank Cinema One for sending the fans a wonderful early Christmas gift. We also hope that “Postman To Heaven” will not be the sole DBSK film to be shown on local televisions. Thank you in advance and more power to you! J

Cinema One’s Facebook Page (Note: Come on Cassies, let’s thank them and request for more! :D): http://www.facebook.com/Cinema1channel

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