TVXQ’s Hug is Kitiwit’s Music Video of the Year

You can mark the first feat in history for all the Cassies in 2012. DBSK’s Hug has been dubbed as Kitiwit’s Music video of the year. This is an overwhelming feat considering that Hug, DBSK’s debut song, which came out early 2004 has stood the test of time. It garnered a whopping average of 4,000 loves and comments on their page.

JYJ’s Get Out is also among the top 4 out of 30 music videos that were vieing for the top spot. This is a good start for JYJ, lets continue to support them and their upcoming promotional activities in the Philippines.

Because you showered them with love it follows that this award will make a great addition to the many awards they have received from Kpop Con awards namely “Hottest Male Idol” for member Kim Jaejoong, “Song of the Year” for members U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin with “Why? / Keep Your Head Down” and “Globe’s KPOP Fanclub of the Year” to acting awards and global recognition that could only be possible with all of us keeping the faith.

Kitiwit is a homegrown social networking site which also served as a sponsor at the 3rd Philippine Kpop Convention.

We know it has been irksome on your part to be spammed by our reminders to vote for them. Do know that your efforts, unyielding love and support for the boys bring great pride to Cassies all over the world to always keeping the faith. Each and every one of you deserves a great big Poya from all us.

Congratulations Cassies!

Always Keep The Faith Eternally

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