TVXQ-MISSHA Partnership Reaches the Philippine Shores

With the news of famous South Korean cosmetic brand, MISSHA renewing its contract with Asia’s top group, TVXQ, Cassiopeia all over the world have their eyes on their local MISSHA outlets hoping for traces of Yunho and Changmin to appear.  The end of August saw the start of MISSHA’s foray into Asia with TVXQ, as MISSHA Japan put up the images of Tohoshinki (as what TVXQ  is known in Japan) as its official representatives as well.

The Arrival

Following the steps of the said country, MISSHA Philippines succeeded in fuelling up the excitement of Filipino Cassies – with a couple of surprises that meant that the TVXQ-MISSHA deal has reached the tropical country’s soils as well.

The 1st of September saw the steps taken by MISSHA Philippines as they posted a news on their official Facebook page about the big leap of TVXQ as MISSHA’s Asia Representative, along with a photo of the duo. Like what MISSHA Korea and MISSHA Japan stated, MISSHA Philippines also referred to TVXQ as symbols of popular culture and ‘heart’ of the Hallyu Wave – putting their trust into the hard-earned image TVXQ has gained throughout the years. They also believe that TVXQ, with its classy and powerful image matches MISSHA’s attitude towards challenges to become a global brand.

The Support of the Fans

Cassiopeia Philippines, TVXQ’s Premiere Fanclub in the Philippines was also fast on its tracks to help spread the good news, which resulted into local Cassies scrambling to check MISSHA Philippines’ Facebook page. There were comments such as, “Hope they’ll come here… Please missha. J,” “Thank you Missha! Just in time to replenish my Missha BB cream. Mas nakakaenganyo bumili pag nakikita si Yunho at Changmin. J,” “Oh man. Just a CF would be great! I’m willing to turn my back on my 6-yr favorite perfume for Missha with TVXQ!. :DD But yeah, a meet and great would be the best. :DD.” MISSHA Philippines, on the other hand, also couldn’t contain the excitement radiating from the fans and generously replied, “Hello everyone! We’re glad that you’re all excited with TVXQ being part of Missha Asia. We are, too!” which further ignited the desire of the fans to have TVXQ promote in the Philippines as well.

Just as everyone was still trying to calm their hearts from seeing Yunho and Changmin on MISSHA Philippines’ page, the fans saw another light. Due to the overwhelming requests, the local outlet has once again given the fans another thing to look forward to in the form of TVXQ’s famous fragrance line, “L’ Eau De’ MISSHA.” And like what happened with the previous post, Filipino Cassies rushed to the page to confirm the good news, and wide smiles could almost be imagined as MISSHA Philippines confirmed that the fragrance line will indeed be sold locally. Expectation rose to another level as comments like, “Hoping that the release date will be announced soon. Must block that date! ^^,” “ I have the ‘please be mine’ already.. someone bought it from Korea.. but still i wanna see it sold in the Philippines… thanks Missha Philippines..” and “I heard both of these perfume smells really good. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Thanks Missha Philippines J”.

The blood is still too hot and the TVXQ-MISSHA fever is not yet about to cool down any moment. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the future activities TVXQ will have in line with promoting MISSHA as a global brand. Even though the end of September is still far, Filipino Cassies are already putting their hopes up to get the treats South Korea and Japan will get from the partnership. After all, keeping the faith shouldn’t be too hard for the Filipino Cassies who have waited a long time for their favourite group to be recognized in the country. Cassiopeia Philippines, along with every Cassiopeia in the archipelago is crossing their fingers that MISSHA Philippines may be the answer to their prayers.

Words of encouragement

In behalf of every Cassiopeia in the country, Cassiopeia Philippines would like to sincerely shower its thanks to MISSHA Philippines, for giving every TVXQ fan early Christmas gifts. We wish you more power as you go along with TVXQ in your mission to become a global cosmetic brand. We would also like to thank you for putting your trust into Yunho and Changmin and we assure you that in line with our support for the duo, we will also support your brand in whatever ways we can. We sincerely hope that these two presents will not be the last and that in the near future, there will be a light in the long tunnel everyone here has been walking into for a long time: even just a glimpse of the two men we’ve been waiting for so long. Once again, thank you very much, MISSHA Philippines and Always Keep The Faith!

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