10G: Back Two Basics



August 25, 2012


Araneta, Cubao, Metro Manila, Philippines

Main Activity:

Concert Screening of Tohoshinki’s Arena Tour: The 5th Live Tour TONE



Cassiopeia Philippines took the Filipino Cassies back to the tradition of forming together as one Red Ocean last Saturday, August 25th, with “10G: Back Two Basics” held at Gateway Cinema 6, Araneta, Cubao.



Sporting the same concept as the grand “7G: Always Keep The Faith” a special screening of Tohoshinki’s 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code Final in Tokyo Dome; “10G: Back Two Basics” provided a special 3-hour screening of Tohoshinki members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin’s recently concluded Arena Tour: The 5th Live Tour TONE that took Japan by storm early this year. The duo drew a whooping 550, 000 audience throughout the said tour – the largest number of audience for a group performing both in South Korea and Overseas, with total ticket and merchandise sales amounting to $90,000,000 USD – according to SM Entertainment. Yunho and Changmin performed hits like the Japanese Versions of “Why? Keep Your Head Down”, “Maximum” and “Before U Go” as well as tracks like “Superstar”, “Duet” and “B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)” from their 5th Japanese Studio Album “TONE” and even singles like “STILL”. CassPh has decided to bring the Filipino Cassies the experience in the comfort of cinema seats, together with fellow fans and form their own Red Ocean.


Full house

To build the experience as accurately as possible, merchandise like TONE shirts replicas and TONE Tour lightsticks were sold. Attendees also received freebies like BigEast Staff IDs that served as passes for the screening, as well as a special set of photocards. Over 150 attendees flocked to the venue, filling all the seats Cinema 6 could provide.


4DX experience ‘CassPH’ style

During the screening, shouts and fanchants could be heard from the audience as a larger-than-life Tohoshinki performances appeared on screen. Full a full three hours, the audience shifted from cheering and tearing up, depending on what song was up. The attendees seemingly became one with the Tokyo Dome audience in performing waves and swaying their lightsticks, as well as shouting the members’ names and clapping their hands. When the members said their ments, the Filipino Cassies also laughed with them understanding each word through the English subtitles CassPh provided as a catch. There were also special surprises for the enthusiastic viewers. During the latter part of the concert where members Yunho and Changmin threw signed balls to the audience, the 10G attendees were almost shaken out of their seats as real balls with printed Tohoshinki signatures were thrown their way, again to make the experience as real as possible. A spoof-subbed clip from JYJ’s Mahalo Photobook was also shown to the viewers, as well as member Xia Junsu’s new music video, “Uncommitted”. Without doubt, Cassiopeia Philippines has brought the TONE concert to town and everyone became one before the affirmation of Tohoshinki’s prowess, back to the Red Ocean.


Ang Pagbiyak ng Gintong Itlog ni Junsu

Towards the end of the gathering, gift certificates from Seoul Sisters (South Korean Authentic Cuisine) were raffled. Winners from the Pre-10G contest called “Ang Pagbiyak ng Gintong Itlog ni Junsu” was also announced. This was a comic-strip/caption making contest of the classic CassPh pre-gathering contest called “Ang Gintong Itlog ni Junsu”.


Keeping the faith alive

The 10th gathering serves as a proof that even by simply coming together can create vivid memories. After hours of waving red and white lights, tears and laughter emerged from fans who kept the faith. One can really say, that going back to the basics can still turn into a gathering of epic proportions.

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