3G: Noraebang Party




June 23, 2007


JooSarang Noraebang, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Main Activity:

Noraebang (Karaoke)



A gathering with the authentic style noraebang and with lots of Koreans in the place. ^_^  We didn’t expect that more people will come at the event. So we’re very sorry and thankful to those people who managed to enjoy the party even if they are seated on the floor. Thankful again, that you were not bothered by Paopaopao and Tintin hogging the microphone. XD


For the entertainment part, the members played the game ‘Pinoy Henyo’ with TVXQ miniposters for Grand prize and photos for consolation. We had a karaoke contest called ‘Noraebang contest’, where Robert Johnson won a TVXQ CD single.


(Random Trivia: 3G was the first gathering to be called as ‘3G’ [duh.] I mean dito nagsimula sa 3G ang paglagay ng G sa dulo ng number. See, ‘4G’ and ‘5G’ followed. Thanks to TJ for coining these terms eventhough ginaya mo lang to from Smart and Globe 3G.)


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