6G: The Secret Code



May 30, 2009


Citibank Center, Makati City, Philippines


Decode.Win, Performances, Games



053036 6G: The Secret Code

Everyone has a secret and so does CassPH. For its 6th gathering, we let the members experience hunting for the Secret Code all over our website and the PhilExim Multipurpose Hall.

Last May 30, 2009, members were photographed as they enter the venue and asked about the secret code. With much enthusiasm and a little bit of time left, some searched for more clues at the venue. However, once the program started, everyone sat down for a fun-filled day hosted by the one and only, Kring Elenzano!

The whole day was oozing with prizes and performances that made everyone smile as if they saw TVXQ personally. That came true when the boys “dedicated” a video for all of us. The excitement didn’t stop there as most of the attendees sighed or screamed as the secret code was cracked!  The numbers were 053036 and it stands for May 30 (the date of 6G), CassPh’s 3rd year anniversary, and this is the 6th gathering.

No one went home empty handed as CassPH and Zagu gave freebies and souvenirs for everyone to remember this awesome day.



  • Decode. Win – Prior to the day of the gathering, numbers, or in this case, codes were scattered throughout the official website and social networking sites of CassPH. Members pulled out the ninja in them and tried to decode the numbers. To those who weren’t able to answer it, here you go:
    05 = May (date)
    30 = 30 (date)
    3 = 3 year anniversary of cassph
    6 = 6th gathering

Prize: The Secret Code 2CD+ DVD

  • TVXQ’s Greeting for CassPH – The boys of TVXQ made a special appearance through a special AVP with greetings to CassPH’s 3rd
  • Games – Some of the games were charades, quiz bee where the players have to line up and choose between T,V,X,and Q , and Q&As during breaks.

Prizes: Zagu and CassPH goodies like tumblers & posters from Candy Sky

  • Performances – Talented members graced the stage with acapella performances of some TVXQ songs like Love in the Ice and dance performances.
  • Eating Time! – From the delicious party favourites like pansit and spaghetti, the attendees were able to taste them along with Zagu’s new flavour.
  • Merchandise Booths – Nunashoppe, Kgoodies, and Candy Sky offered many fan goods for everyone to enjoy at reasonable prices.
  • All attendees went home with freebies from CassPH and its sponsors. It includes a 6G fan, CassPH ballpen and TVXQ keychain.

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