9G The Red Room Exhibit, Film Viewing & Toho Night



February 25, 2012


Top Shelf, Fully Booked, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines


Exhibit, Film Screening and Toho Night



CassPh Relieves History at the Red Room Exhibit


Filipino Cassies have once again proven why they were hailed the “Globe’s KPOP Fanclub of the Year” during last year’s Philippine KPOP Awards, by showcasing the legend Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Tohoshinki/ Tong Vfang Xien Qi has written so far, as well as the characteristics Cassiopeia are known for: prestige and loyalty to Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin – at Cassiopeia Philippines’ 9G: The Red Room Exhibit last February 25 held at the Top Shelf, Fully Booked, Fort Bonifacio Global City.



The 9th gathering borrowed its concept from one of its mother fandoms BigEast in Japan, The Omotesando, where discography of the group was presented in an exhibit-like manner, much like a Dong Bang Museum. For its own version, CassPh presented all the album jackets and cover of all the group’s releases both in South Korea and Japan, from years 2003 up to the present; as well as physical copies of official goods, merchandise, albums and singles, photobooks and even magazines. To add a touch of individuality, CassPh fangoods and memorabilias were also displayed to reminisce not only the history of the hallyu group, but also the history of the red ocean family in the Philippines as well.


Tour the Red Room Exhibit

The Red Room Exhibit showed a whole new level of excitement for the fans, through a variety of possibilities. The gallery, the heart of the gathering, was divided into  parts: The Timeline/Discography, as mentioned before, exhibited the releases of the hallyu group from 2003 up to the group’s releases as JYJ and TVXQ duo; The Individual Corner where fans got to see the member’s personal profiles and achievements; The Drama Corner, where posters of the members’ journey as actors were put up and the Concerts Corner, a compilation of best scenes and moments captured from all 3 Asia Tours and 4 Live Tours, as well as a display of physical copies of concert DVDs and goods. To satisfy not only the eyes but the stomach of the attendees, the TohoCafe sold dongbangnized cupcakes, cream puffs, cheesecakes, coffee and chocolate named after the members. Seats were also provided for the TohoCafe, for fans to get to experience dining with the DBSK standees. There was also the Library which held a variety of magazines and photobooks available for browsing. The CassPh corner contained memorabilias such as tickets from past gatherings, fangoods and trophies the fanclub has won throughout the years. MYX Philippines and GMA were also present during the event.


JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ Album Launch

To further strengthen the fanclub’s stand to support all five members, Cassiopeia Philippines, with the help of PolyEast Records Philippines presented the JYJ “In Heaven” album launch, where 300 imported copies of the said album’s black version were released. Each purchase also entitles the buyers a special JYJ t-shirt, drawstring bag, two posters and a notepad. A gathering would not be complete without spazzing and cheering, which CassPh also provided for the excited attendees. A Private Film Screening of DBSK/THSK’s best performances, as well as 30 minutes of JYJ goodness was included in the gathering’s main events. And even though fans may have already watched almost all DBSK videos, as they say, nothing beats watching them again together with your fellow fans. The enthusiastic fans were also in for a surprise, as teasers of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Protect the Boss’ Philippine premiere, courtesy of ABS-CBN were also screened.


Capping the night off ‘Toho’-style

Last but definitely not the least, was the TohoNight – a fun party where Cassies danced the night away to DBSK/THSK/ JYJ hits. The TohoBar also provided dongbangnized cocktails and drinks for the party people (or fans, should I say). It was on this event that everyone danced and sang without any indifference – all for the fun of being a Cassiopeia.


Special thanks

Dong Bang Shin Ki is a living legend, and so is the fans’ faith and passion. With all the issues plaguing the fandom, The Red Room definitely proved, that here in the Philippines, the fans are keeping the faith always, and will always do. Releases, albums, photobooks, merchandise, as well as gatherings will continue to add in the years to come, but the fans’ love for Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin will also continue to strengthen without fail.

Cassiopeia Philippines would like to thank PolyEast Records, ABS-CBN, MYX Philippines, GMA and of course, the fans who visited the Red Room Exhibit. Till the next gathering!  Always Keep The Faith!


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