CassPH Booth at KpopCon3

The Cass PH booth was a sea of red. Among that sea were fans proudly wearing their new Always Keep The Faith shirts which were sold at the Cass PH merchandise booth. Fans got a firsthand look of the new AKTF goods in commemorating the 8 years of JaeJoong, YunHo, YooChun, JunSu and ChangMin while the activity booth was hardly empty because it was frequented by new fans cueing up for membership forms, Cassies claiming their membership cards that came in a unique packaging; Eager fans who dropped by to get a stamp on their passes to qualify for the fan club activity booth raffle and fans who struck a pose with our standees. Although JunSu seemed to be missing among the standees he was at our booth in duck form hanging out with our mascot Poya.

Getting a stamp was breeze for the attendees. They only needed to either be wearing red clothing or play any of our two games. The two games, Dong Bang Spin Ki similar to roulette, as seen and popularized in our earlier gatherings, had attendees screaming with excitement whenever there are players with close calls of winning and actually winning. Our new game Dong Baccarat which is a modified version of the casino game Baccarat, at first puzzled participants but once they got a hang of how the game works they kept coming back for more. One fan enjoyed the game so much that she played for 6 rounds straight. Some who played at out booth even encouraged others to play both our games to the extent that they themselves were the ones explaining the rules, it was that fun!

After Cass Ph received the three awards that TVXQ, Jaejoong, and the fan club won, fans, some teary-eyed even, shared a moment with the staff at the booth when they revisited our booth to take a look at the three awards. What a sight it was to see the fans hugging and patting each other’s back. This year our booth felt more like a home for us Cassies where we were able to meet fellow fans and take home a piece of faith from each other as we end the year in Kpop Con 3.

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