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Notes: The photos seen on this page are just previews of the over 100 pages from this photobook project.


From “Travel Sketches in Los Angeles” to “Summer Paradise in Bora Bora”, “The Prince in Prague: Melody of Youth” to “Bonjour! Paris” and “A Week Holiday: It’s Stylish and Camping” — the five men of Dong Bang Shin Ki has given us too many photobooks to drool upon. These precious photobooks not only made the fans swoon but they also told the stories of the boys’ adventures during their travels to different countries.

The Ultimate Philippine Travel Guide for TVXQ

In the light of showing these five men the fans’ passion, and in exchange for all photobooks they have given, Cassiopeia Philippines has decided to give them a FAN PHOTOBOOK! This will serve as a TRAVEL GUIDE for Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin, if they, by any chance, decide to visit the country. It consists of six (6) chapters dedicated to a particular member while the last one tells about the fans.

  • The First Chapter is for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Kitchen Master which is entitled: “Pinoy Recipes for Jaejoong”. It includes five (5) unique and delicious recipes from all over the Philippines.
  • Ten (10) exotic street food from all over the country were introduced to the group’s Food Fanatic, Shim Changmin, in the chapter named “Pinoy Street/Exotic Food for Changmin.”
  • “A Coastline of Palm Trees for Junsu” is a chapter dedicated to number one fan of palm trees in TVXQ, Kim Junsu!  It contains photos of fifteen (15) beautiful beaches in the Philippines.
  • To inspire Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Romantic Composer, the chapter of “Pinoy Landmarks for Yoochun” will definitely give him something to write about as it features ten (10) famous tourist spots in the country.
  • For Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Leader, we listed fifty (50) phrases, greetings, expressions in Filipino in the chapter “Pinoy Phrases for Yunho” for him not to have any difficulty in interacting with us.
  • The final part of the photobook tells about the Filipino TVXQ fans specifically: Cassiopeia Philippines’ history, gatherings, Dong Bang Days and other activities, as well as their messages for the five stars.


CassPH personally went to South Korea upon the photobook’s completion. It was handed over to Kim Jaejoong’s comestic shop “Crebeau Jeff.”

Who knows, maybe one of these days, the boys might show up at NAIA! Always Keep The Faith! 😀


Written by: Ma. Angelica Edralyn E. Tuason

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