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Poya’s Station is Cassiopeia Philippine’s official online radio. This is the only dedicated online radio station for TVXQ!’s greatest hits in the Philippines for the world. It takes it is name after Cassioepeia PH’s mascot “Poya” the red bear. Its first dry-run episode was aired on June 5th 2009. The first recording was lead by DJ tintin & DJ bebeboiron who gave the channel a test run with their stories from previous gatherings.

One of Poya Station’s most memorable years was in 2010 where they announced their 7th Gathering. They simultaneously entertained guests via chat & Skype. Days before the 7G they aired TVXQ’s songs for the eager fans in preparation for the big event. On the day of the 7G Poya’s station took requests and played TVXQ’s greatest hits in line with the album launch of THSK’s best selection album.

Written by Marz A. aka Ms. Poya

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