Road to #TVXQinManila

  • June 1 – #TVXQinManila Ticket Pre-selling at BGC
  • June 9 – Official Ticket Selling Nation-wide via
  • July 13 – D-DAY!

The Cassie Checklist

  • Concert Ticket
  • Official Fanlight
  • Memorize Fan Chants
  • Memorize Fan Projects
TVXQ! in Manila Fan Project: The Full Circle

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12G – FAQ | FAQs よくある質問

What is the event? イベントは何ですか? A fan gathering of TVXQ fans. We plan to watch TVXQ or Tohoshinki concerts. コンサート鑑賞会 When is the event? 鑑賞会はいつですか? July 13, 2019 – Saturday. 1-8pm 2019年7月13日 – 土曜日。 1〜8時 Facebook Event Where is the venue? 会場はどこですか? … Read More