Concert Setlist, Stage and Fanchant Guide

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TVXQ! Fanchant Video Playlist

Stage Positions & Performance Fancams

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that the stage positions were based on their #welcome and #with concerts held in Seoul, and may not be accurate representations of their stage positions for the overseas tour, but instead are estimations. We will make sure to edit these once we have further information through their earlier tour stops. ^^

(Audience View)
(Audience View)
– Opening VCR#1 –
1BounceMainMostly RightMostly LeftYWATCH
2SomethingMainMostly RightMostly LeftYWATCH
3너는 내꺼 (Top of the World)MainMostly LeftMostly RightNWATCH
– MENT 1 – MainCenterCenter
5평행선 (Love Line)MainLeftRightYWATCH
– VCR #2 –
7City Lights (Yunho Solo)MainMainn/aNWATCH
8운명 (The Chance of Love) RemixMain Mostly LeftMostly RightYWATCH
9Sooner Than LaterExtended (Moving Stage)Left RightNWATCH
10이것만은  알고 가 (Before U Go)Extended (Moving Stage)LeftRightNWATCH
– MENT 2 –
11게으름뱅이 (Lazybones)SubstageRightLeftNWATCH
12믿어요 (I Believe)Substage/Moving StageRightLeftYWATCH
13새벽 공기 (Without You)MainRightLeftN
– VCR #3 –
14아스라이 Beautiful Stranger (Changmin Solo)MainN/AMain StageNWATCH
15현기증 (Vertigo)MainMostly LeftMostly RightNWATCH
16주문--MiroticMainMostly LeftMostly RightYWATCH
– VCR #4 –
17Wake Me UpTruck (ending: substage in front)LeftRightN
18Hug (포옹)SubstageRightLeftY
19Balloons (풍선)Substage1st half: Right, 2nd half: Left
1st half: Left, 2nd half: RightYWATCH
20Dream (꿈)Truck/MainTruck: RightTruck: LeftN
– VCR #5 –
21MaximumMain N/AN/AYWATCH
22왜 (Keep Your Head Down)Main RightLeftYWATCH
23Rising Sun (순수)MainRightLeftYWATCH
– ENCORE –Chant “Dong Bang Shin Ki”
– VCR #6 –
24Morning SunSide entrances, extended stageLeft RightN
25Hiyaya (여름날)TruckRightLeftYWATCH
– MENT #3 Ending Ment –

CREDITS TO: jerrysmile for fancams^^